Hi! I would love to come speak at your next event! Let me know how we can make that happen:
Thank you!
The Gospel is free, so I don't charge per talk. Pricing is adjusted for time.
Single Day Event: $500
Weekend Event: $700
Week Event: $1000
Categories include travel time. Travel/lodging expenses are not included. A separate 10% date-holding fee is assessed 30 days prior to booking. Individual parish needs can be discussed.
Previous Events
Jr/Sr High School
Kansas City Youth Conference 2018- Hosted a weekend youth conference for ~400 high school students.
St. Frances de Sales High School 2018- Gave a 45min talk on applying your faith to an assembly of ~300 students.
Behold Kansas City 2019- Hosted a day rally for high school students in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
College/Young Adult
Franciscan University Talent Show '18 & '19- Cohosted homecoming weekend talent show for ~1,200 attendees
NKU Newman Center 2018- Gave a 45min talk on Mary to the Newman Center at Northern Kentuky University.
The Crunch: Live- Hosted a live podcast event for ~60 college students.
SEEK 2019- Hosted a live podcast event for ~200 college students/young adults.
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